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Seminary Chapel
Seminary Chapel

- Tuition For The 2014/2015 Academic School Year: $2,500; can be paid in full or in monthly installments. Tuition covers room and board. Ask the WebMaster for details.


- Healthcare Insurance: To be provided by the student and or his benefactors. The seminary is normally seeking men in good health condition, yet although exceptions may be made as long as the candidate can perform the normal tasks found in and around the seminary properly on his own. Ask the WebMaster for details.


- Seminary Formation: The seminary's program of formation is spaced into 6 academic years. Philosophy is taken for 2 years followed by 4 years of theology. The Roman cassock, with collar and cincture, is given 6 months into the 1st year followed by clerical tonsure after the 2nd academic year.


Occupancy and Advanced Placement: For the 2014-2015 academic school year there will be approximately 7 Seminarians. Should a prospective student happen to already have a prior academic or current standing at another seminary institution, please be advised that credit will be applied where applicable. Should the prospective seminarian be coming from a Novus Ordo Seminary, please be advised to make an inquiry with the WebMaster.


- Location: The small rural town of Boston, Kentucky, USA is located 30min to the south of the nearest largest city, in the same state, with access to an International Airport, which is Louisville.


- Legal Disclaimer: The present web portal cannot be legally construed as a holding of Father Joseph Pfeiffer but as a manifestation of support by a benefactor. All communications with the WebMaster, and should they be in good faith, will be relayed to the Seminary Rector within time. All such communications will be kept private and confidential between three parties with the WebMaster as initial match maker.

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